The Standards Association Zimbabwe (SAZ) is the national standards body of Zimbabwe, formed in 1957 and incorporated in 1960.  The association is a non-government and non-profit organization operating under the Zimbabwe Companies Act with Articles and Memorandum of Association.

A General Council which consists of 56 representatives of government, local authorities, professional and academic institutions, industry and commerce governs and oversees the affairs of the Association.  The General Council determines the overall policy of the Association.

Whilst the SAZ derives its income from certification activities, laboratory testing & calibration fees, training and sale of publications, it also receives a grant from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and Enterprise Development.  The Association has a Memorandum of understanding (MoU) with The Government of Zimbabwe (GoZ) represented by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce & Enterprise Development.  Government collects a Standards Development Levy (SDLF) from specified employers through the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Enterprise Development.

Through this MoU, the GoZ recognizes SAZ as the national Standards Body of Zimbabwe. SAZ is a member of the ISO, ARSO, SADCSTAN, and COMESA and is affiliated to IEC.  SAZ is the World Trader Organisation/Technical Barriers to Trade (WTO/TBT) enquiry point of standards and conformity assessment in Zimbabwe.


  • To develop, publish and promote the widespread use of Zimbabwe national standards.
  • To promote an understanding of standards requirements by offering standards based training programmes.
  • To provide third party conformity assessment services (certification, testing, calibration surveillance, inspection, auditing and registration).
  • To provide standards information and carry out the functions of the WTO/TBT enquiry point.
  • To provide laboratory facilities for the testing and inspection of raw materials, manufactured goods, calibration and inspection of equipment.

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