Who we are

The Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ) is the National Standards Body of Zimbabwe. Formed in 1957 and incorporated in 1960, the Association is a non-profit organisation dedicated to delivering high-quality standards-based services to enhance the competitiveness of products and services of its esteemed clients and protect communities. Through its Customer Service Charter, SAZ is committed to following best practices, using appropriate technology, and maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and ethics at all times. The Association actively seeks to promote stakeholder relations by regularly monitoring and evaluating customer feedback.

Our values

  • Integrity
  • Customer Centricity
  • Excellence

Our Business

  • Develop and publish Zimbabwe’s national standards.
  • Promote an understanding of standards requirements by offering standards-based training programmes.
  • Laboratory testing of manufactured goods and raw materials to relevant standards, instrument calibration, and equipment statutory inspections including destination inspection of imported goods.
  • Promote the widespread use of standards by operating third-party certication schemes.
  • Provide information services on national, foreign national, regional, and international standards and conformity assessment information.

Our commitment

SAZ is committed to respecting the rights of our clients as enshrined in the following principles:

  • Impartiality: To make decisions based on objective evidence not inuenced by the interests of other parties.
  • Competence: To engage competent personnel in our entire service offering.
  • Openness: To provide public access to or disclosure of appropriate, non-confidential, and timely information about our services in order to promote condence in the market.
  • Confidentiality: To keep condentiality and proprietary information about our clients.
  • Responsiveness to complaints: To process complaints appropriately in accordance with our procedures.
  • Professionalism: Observing professional and ethical standards of conduct in all our business.

Our Service Guarantee

To fulfil our service guarantee to you, we are committed to having competent staff and developing and maintaining an open culture that is fair and reasonable in dealing with our clients.

We will provide you with quality service by:

  • Understanding your requirements and needs.
  • Structuring our service offering around your needs.
  • Treating you with respect, and courtesy and maintaining condentiality where required.
  • Giving you clear, accurate, timely, and relevant information.
  • Quick turnaround time.

How you can help us.

  • Provide accurate information in all your communication with us
  • Provide feedback to improve our service offering.

If you have any enquiries, concerns or comments please call, WhatsApp or e-mail:
Standards Association of Zimbabwe:

1 Northend Close, Borrowdale Harare Zimbabwe, Tel: +263-24-2885511/2/8, Cell: +263 775 183 805

marketing@saz.org.zw, www.saz.org.zw

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