The Standardisation and Business Leaders’ Conference is the Standards Association of
Zimbabwe’s flagship event that has been held successfully almost every year since 2014. It is
an event that draws leaders from all industry sectors, NGOs and government ministries and
departments to discuss and share innovative ideas and solutions to support and encourage
growth and competitiveness of businesses in a highly dynamic environment.
This year’s conference, running under the Theme, Standardization Revolution:
Transforming Industry and Consumer Thinking for Sustainable Development, aims to bring
a radical mind-set shift by raising awareness of how standards can help businesses operate
more efficiently, effectively and safely across different regions and sectors. The conference
brings together business leaders, policymakers, experts, academia, consumers and all
stakeholders to share best practices, foster collaboration, inspire and equip business leaders
to lead the transformation towards a sustainable future where standardized practice is a
culture that benefits both industries and consumers.

– Raising awareness about the importance of standardization in promoting sustainable
development and responsible business practices.
– Promote cleaner production technologies, increase energy efficiency, foster
sustainable consumption and production patterns in line with global environment
– Identify opportunities and harness Artificial Intelligence to ensure sustainable
– Encourage collaboration and partnership between businesses, policymakers and
standardization bodies to advance industrialisation agenda and sustainable
development goals.
– Identify opportunities and provide solutions to challenges in implementing
standardized sustainable practices across different industries.
– Share success stories of cross-industry collaborations and initiatives leading to
sustainable innovation and growth.

Format and Key Topic
The conference will feature keynote speeches, expert panel discussions, interactive
workshops, case study presentation and networking opportunities. Participants will have
the chance to engage with industry experts, share experiences and showcase their own
initiatives through exhibitions and bilateral meetings.

Some of the key topics are on:
– Artificial Intelligence
– Sustainable Development Goals
– Circular Economy
– Africa Continental Free Trade Area
– Labour
– Consumer Matters
– Competitiveness

Expected Delegates
Executives from:

– Government, Regulators and State Owned Enterprises
– Private Sector and Industry Sectors Representation
– Regional Standards Organisation
– Other Standards Body
– Business Member Organisations
– Associations and Professional Bodies
– Consumer Advocacy Groups
– Academia
– Individuals

This year’s conference is being supported by the Zambia Bureau of Standards(ZABS).


– Knowledge sharing, collaboration and partnership opportunities.
– Enhanced understanding of the role of standardization in driving sustainable development
across industries.
– Understanding the growing demand for sustainable products and services and its influence
on industry practices.
– Harnessing standardization to make lives safer, healthier and better

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