1. FD 001: Cereals and Pulses


Standardization in the field of cereals and cereal products including pulses.

2. FD072: Packaging and Labelling


Standardisation of packaging and labelling of foods including standards on migration from plastics, metal release, paper and board in contact with foodstuffs, reuse, recycling and disposal of materials related to food packaging. The standards may include terminology, codes of practices, specifications, classifications, guides, dimensions, marking, quality and performance requirements, test methods and impact of packaging and packaging materials on health and the environment (air, water, land, natural resources, flora, fauna and human and their interactions).


3. FD 005: Milk and Milk Products


Standardization in the field of  milk and milk products covering the dairy chain from primary production to consumption including terminology, specifications, guidelines, codes of practice, requirements for packaging, storage and transportation, methods of sampling and test.


4. FD 070: Soft Drinks


Standardization of  non-alcoholic beverages of various kinds including soft drinks. Standards may include terminology, specifications, codes of practice, materials, methods of test and sampling, labelling and packaging.

5. SE 011: Manned security


Standardization in the field of management, staffing and operation of an organization providing security guarding  services on a static site and/or mobile patrol basis, cash in transit and related security activities.




COPOLCO membership is open to all interested parties.

Terms of reference

To study means of helping consumers to benefit from standardization, and means of improving consumer participation in national and international standardization.

To provide a forum for the exchange of information on the experience of consumer participation in the development and implementation of standards in the consumer field, and on other questions of interest to consumers in national and international standardization.

To advise ISO Council as to the consolidated viewpoints of consumers on matters relevant to ISO’s current and potential standardization and conformity assessment work.

To advise ISO Council on the need for new or revised policies or actions within ISO as they relate to consumers’ needs.

7. EL 030: Poultry egg hatchery machine.


Standardization in the area of hatchery machines and related technologies for productivity, health, safety, husbandry and welfare of poultry.

8. FD 003: Fruits and vegetables


Standardization in the field of fruits and vegetables including their products.

9. FD055: Meat and meat products


Standardization in the field of meat, poultry, fish, eggs and their products, covering the food chain from primary production to consumption, as well as terminology, sampling, methods of test and analysis, product specifications, safety and quality management and requirements for packaging, storage and transportation

10. FD073 : Tomato Paste & Chili Sauces


Standardization in the field of tomato pastes, chili sources including their products.

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