Projects under systematic review;

  1. ZWS 678:2012-1-9: Development, maintenance, and management of groundwater resources series
  2. ZWS 962:2012: Denatured fuel ethanol for blending with gasoline for use as automotive spark-ignition engine fuel
  3. ZWS 751:2017:Automobile Diesel Fuel
  4. ZWS  1020: Biogas systems: Part 1:2017: Design, installation, operation, and maintenance of biogas systems
  5. ZWS  1020: Biogas systems: Part 2:2018: Microgrids
  6. ZWS 964: Ethanol blend series
  7. ZWS 913:The petroleum industry series
  8. ZWS 351:1993:The protection of structures against lightning
  9. ZWS 350:1992:The protection of dwelling houses against lightning
  10. ZWS 890:2005: High voltage busbars and busbar connections
  11. ZWS 536:1998: Design, sizing, and installation of battery-based photovoltaic systems
  12. ZWS 400:2006: Electrical wiring of premises SAZ wiring rules
  13. ZWS  285:1986 Mild steel wire nails
  14. ZWS 717:2008: The manufacture and erection of timber trusses
  15. ZWS 184:2000: Wooden doors
  16. ZWS 553:Hardwood poles, droppers, laths, guardrail posts, and spacer blocks
  17. ZWS 202 to align it with ISO 7010 graphical symbols –safety colors and safety signs –registered safety signs
  18. ZWS 275:1985 Fire detection and alarm systems in buildings
  19. D ZWS 877-1/1: Testing concrete: Part 1: Method of sampling fresh concrete on site,
  20. D ZWS 877-2/1: Testing concrete: Part 2: Method for making test cubes from fresh concrete
  21. D ZWS 877-3/1: Testing concrete: Part 3: Method of normal curing of test specimens (20°C method)
  22. D ZWS 877-4/1: Testing concrete: Part 4: Method for determination of compressive strength of concrete cubes
  23. D877-5/1: Testing concrete: Part 5: Specification for compression testing machines for concrete
  24. D877-6/1: Testing concrete: Part 6: Method for determination of density of hardened concrete
  25. D877-7/1: Testing concrete: Part 7: Method for determination of slump
  26. ZWS ISO 14001:2015 AWI/ Amd1:Environmental management systems — Requirements with guidance for use — Amendment 1

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