The SAZ Product Mark Certification scheme makes it possible for goods produced under an approved system of supervision and control to be licensed as complying with the appropriate standard and to bear the Association’s product certification mark.

To date, SAZ has certified a variety of products ranging from freezers, tyres, textiles, foods, animal feeds, fire extinguishers, timber products, electric cables to cement and bricks. The following are some of the product certification schemes that SAZ does:

  1. Natural Mineral Water and Spring Water Product Certification Scheme (MC25)
  2. Packaged Drinking Water, other than Natural Mineral Water
  3. Timber Certification Scheme

Benefits of product certification

To the manufacturer, product certification acts as an effective and credible marketing tool, both locally and internationally. It enhances production efficiency and minimises wastage. It protects the manufacturer from unfair competition.

To the consumers, it provides confidence that the product has been certified in terms of safety and reliability, gives a guarantee that the product is being manufactured under an effective system of testing, control and monitoring and provides protection against inferior or sub-standard products.

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